Another Satisfied EB 911 RSR Parts Customer

This Porsche 911 RSR replica recently completed its first trackday at Spa. Finished a few hours before the outward sailing (sounds familiar), the classic Porsche uses a number of EB Motorsport Porsche 911 RSR parts.

“My Porsche was completed and ready to leave home at 4.00pm after an electrical fault was identified,” says owner, Tony. “I arrived at Hull at 5.00pm as the cars were loading on to the Zeebrugge ferry. The car ran pretty faultlessly for 300 miles through the Ardennes forest (the extended route) on the way to Spa.

“The forecast for the track day was very good with clear skies and bright sunshine. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The day started damp and foggy for the familiarisation laps, it was very clear that the car had astounding grip with setup and TB15s. Thereafter the weather worsened to torrential rain.

“I decided to venture out, the car felt like driving on a dry track with slicks, the grip level being so high. I was passing others in GT3, GT3 RS and 964RS 911s as if they were in slow motion on ice. The balance of the car was sufficiently soft to absorb the change of direction without drama and when the car did break away, it was recovered without difficulty whist continuing to outperform all the other track users.

“Ian, the driver of a 964RS, believed the turn in to be as positive as his on a dry track with Toyo 888s, which I later experienced with him. The setup was perfect for the wet weather, demonstrated by our pace. I believe that the car would need to be stiffened for dry weather with a slightly harder wearing tyre like the TB5.

“I had a tuition session booked with one of the Instructors after the lunch break. She and I did five great laps in the dry, which were amazing. I picked up a number of positive tips. Exiting the car, my instructor came to the driver’s window and confirmed ‘’that car is mega!’’ It doesn’t get better than that.

“In total, we covered about 1000miles, including 150 miles on track, with only a couple of minor issues. This is a really great Porsche and I thank you for your contribution.”

No problem Tony, and thanks for letting us know. The car looks superb!

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