EB 911R Celebration is GT Porsche magazine cover car

Our superb SWB Porsche 911R Celebration build has received its first magazine feature, receiving pride of place on the cover of GT Porsche magazine. The story covers the restoration and build of this super authentic and lightweight 911, weighing just 804 kilograms in “Monza” trim with lightweight seat and small wheels and tyres.

“The goal was to hit the factory specs for the R, with 220 horsepower and 800 kilos,” says Mark of the R build. “The reality is, when you actually read the specs on the Rs, the average R left the factory at 820 kilos. So we’re not far off.

“There are loads of areas you could get involved in and I’ve no doubt now that if we went all-out on a build just to save weight, we’d get well under 800. But this was built with the intention to drape it in trick bits and show what we’re capable of. It’s an R but it’s not.”

The story is a must-read for all fans of custom Porsche 911 builds. We are very proud of the finished item, as the full shell restoration and paintwork and all of the wonderful bespoke-machined details were carried out and created in-house by our own fair hands. Let us know what you think of the feature via our social media channels!

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