EB Motorsport Historic Motorsport Tyres

While we have previously supplied the high-quality EB Motorsport Fuchs wheel replica as part of a wheel and tyre package, it’s been tricky to organise. Most tyre fitters use cheaper jaw-type clamp systems, so the rims can get damaged. Accepting the risk of damage to high-quality parts is not the EB way.

After much research into tyre fitting machinery and clamp systems, we have now added the proper equipment to our workshop facilities. These machines can handle wheels up to 26 inches in diameter, and up to 16 inches wide. The tyre changer does not use the common clamp system, so there is no risk of damage to the rim.

This investment gives us the confidence to supply wheel and tyre packages for all our Fuchs-style wheels. The most common options for the 9″ and 11″ wide 15″ Fuchs recreations would be:

  • Michelin TB5 or TB15 tyres
  • Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic tyres
  • Avon Racing slick tyres
  • Dunlop post-historic CR65/CR82 tyres

We are happy to quote for other brands as per customer preference. Email motorsport@eb-equipment.com.


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