EB Motorsport Parts: High Flyers

EB Motorsport makes lightweight parts for classic Porsche, but that doesn’t mean our parts are flimsy or delicate. The recent debut of Paolo Faldini’s widebody RSR rally car at the San Marino Rallylegend event showed they can take a beating, stay in place and still look good at the finish.

Faldini’s fabulous Aubergine Porsche features many EB Motorsport panels, including our ducktail engine cover/spoiler, front and rear bumpers and a lightweight composite bonnet.

Pictures in the Tuthill Porsche news feed show the car driven hard on a rally course set up to test the best Group B cars, so the RSR was pushed to keep up. Paolo drove well in the dry conditions and caught plenty of air in a number of places. Here he is on one jump!

Tuthills build cars that can be driven hard with confidence. EB Motorsport is cut from the same cloth: we like to race hard and test our parts in competition, so are proud to be one of few external suppliers used by Tuthills on so many great road and rally Porsche builds.

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