EB Porsche 908 prototype throttle pedal

We’re just re-manufactured another unavailable factory motorsport part. This time it is the turn of a part from the Porsche 908: the shapely and super-lightweight throttle pedal, which formed part of the big picture that helped Porsche to build a racing car weighing only 500 kilograms in 908/03 guise.

Over the last ten years of classic Porsche parts production, we’ve developed an unmatched expertise in reproducing these rare parts. First, we take a mould of an original part for detail. Then we send the mould to a foundry we work with, where the parts are cast in molten metal. In this case it is aluminium, for strength and durability.

Once we receive the cast parts back, we check them for quality and tidy up the castings by hand. We then put the parts on our CNC machines to be finished to spec. Operations on these pedals include machining to fit the cable connection posts, which we manufacture separately from titanium, and drilling the holes for the hinge mounting. We also make the hinge base/mounting plate, which we CNC machine from top quality aluminium alloy.

Once the machining has been done, we add the finishing processes and coatings as required by the application before assembling and shipping to meet initial orders. In this case, the throttle pedal has been left as raw metal for a great appearance and to keep weight to a minimum.

A limited number of these parts are available for use in street cars – once they are gone, they’re gone! Contact us for more information.

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