EB SC RS front bumper features on US 911 hot rod

Nowadays, EB Motorsport is best known for reproduction performance parts for high-end RSRs and more, but we made our name by creating strong, lightweight composite panels for air-cooled 911s being built in classic styles, such as Carrera RS backdates and RSR builds. From there, we created bespoke panels for standard cars, to help owners preserve their car’s original identity but save some weight and add a bit of style to areas such as the bumpers.

Introduced several years ago, our SC RS front and rear bumpers have been a big hit in the UK and Europe, and also in America through our US distributor, Rothsport Racing. Many 911s now benefit from the cleaner lines, lower weight and lack of corrosion to the big metal bumper blades brought by our SC RS front and rear bumpers and we never tire of seeing photos of the finished project in all their glory.

Mike Small from Philadelphia has done a beautiful job of fitting an EB SC RS front bumper for narrow body 911s to his 1983 Porsche 911 SC Euro hot rod. Combined with a smoothed out standard rear bumper, the overall effect is striking and brings a streamlined simplicity to the impact bumper shape.

“The EB SC RS front bumper is one of the cleanest options for SC/Carreras if you don’t want to backdate or go the IROC route,” says Mike. “EB makes great stuff and the fit was excellent out of the box with little trimming required. Rothsport is the US distributor, so that’s who I bought the bumper from.

“I considered the 3.0 RS rear bumper available for SC/Carrera 3.2 flared-arch cars, but ended up smoothing out the original bumper instead. This involved removing the bumperettes and all moulding strips from the bumper and filling in all the holes, leaving the appearance of a 74+ RSR/IROC rear bumper with the IB bellows. The downside is you still have the weight of the steel bumper, but there are fewer issues with fitment than with a fibreglass bumper.”

Well done to Mike on a nice combination: the car looks great! Order your SCRS bumpers direct from EB or from our friends at Rothsport Racing in Portland.

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