EB teams with Twinspark Racing

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Dutch Porsche parts specialist Twinspark Racing as European distributors for our wide range of quality lightweight Porsche parts and classic racing equipment.

2011 Dutch Historic GT champions, TwinSpark Racing, and twice World Sportscar Master champions, EB Motorsport, forged this agreement while both MDs were still in racing overalls, following the 2012 Masters round at Zandvoort in the Netherlands.

Mark Bates, EB Motorsport:

“We started making our lightweight Porsche panels after disappointment with the parts bought when building our first 911. We now manufacture a wide range of quality products for classic 911 road cars and racers.

“Handing non-UK sales & distribution to fellow enthusiasts and racers at TwinSpark Racing, a respected aftermarket Porsche brand located close to home, means our parts will reach a wider audience, while we can concentrate on racing and extending our product range. This year, we’ve got two 911s on track all season, and are building a 1965 911. We’re also working on many more products for classic Porsches. Plenty to keep us busy!”

Leonard Stolk, Twinspark Racing:

“From the moment Mark and I met at Zandvoort, we had lots in common. Our respective companies were born from dissatisfaction with the products available when we began building our own cars. Now, Twinspark and EB Motorsport both run championship-winning, fully homologated FIA-legal cars. We don’t want to fit substandard parts to our Porsches: we only want the best.

“This partnership ensures Porsche enthusiasts have a simple path to quality lightweight parts at sensible prices. EB’s Light Yellow championship-winning RSR is a perfect 911, and our recent visit to the company’s impressive production facility, established in the UK for more than fifty years, was a great experience. EB is a special brand with big potential, and Twinspark Racing’s network of European dealers can help develop that potential. Together, we can help more people build their dream 911!”

Visit the Twinspark Racing lightweight Porsche parts and racing equipment shop here.

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