Latest EB project car unveiled: Meet the SC GT

We’ve started working on the latest EB Motorsport project 911. Based on a RHD UK-spec 3-litre 911, this is the SC GT: another one of our exercises in building the ultimate, with more bespoke carbon and titanium than a Eurofighter and a power-to-weight ratio rivalling a modern-day GT3.

We bought the base car several weeks ago and Mark then ran it around for a few weeks, while between company cars. A list was made of the SC’s shortcomings and the plan is to address all of them, incorporating the unique approach that EB Engineering has become synonymous with over sixty years in business.

When our mission statement to “to design and manufacture the ultimate” is applied to the SC GT, this means a parts list including:

  • Part carbon-fibre bodywork including roof and custom bumpers
  • Centrelock wheels
  • Titanium hubs
  • RSR brakes
  • EB oil system with superior components
  • 3-litre engine with throttle bodies and a special secret (no details coming)

The above is an outline spec based on current plans, but of course it will also feature a custom interior a and countless small but important touches taken directly from our experience with the 911R Celebration build and our race car stable.

We’re excited to start another project in the EB Originals line and look forward to keeping the updates coming.

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