Lightweight Porsche 911 racer stars in Japan

The latest classic Porsche 911 build from our man in Japan, racing legend Tetsu Ikuzawa, is a joy to behold. Keen to compete against the lightweight Lotus Elans so popular in the South Pacific, Tetsu has rebuilt his short wheelbase 1965 911 race car using almost the full complement of EB Motorsport lightweight composite bodywork.

This includes:

  • Bumpers front and rear
  • Bonnet
  • Engine cover/decklid
  • Front wings 911R (see below)
  • Rear quarter panels
  • Full lightweight doors
  • Aluminium hinges
  • Full polycarbonate glazing, including 911R-style louvered side windows
  • Engine tinware
  • Lightweight engine brace
  • Deep 6 Fuchs-style front wheels
  • 7R Fuchs-style wheels rear wheels

Now 72 years of age, former 908 and 917 racer Tetsu is as competitive as ever. His most recent outing at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway in Chiba, one hour outside Tokyo, resulted in another victory ahead of five well-driven Lotus Elans. Great job by the master!

For some Porsche fans, ‘lightweight’ has always meant compromise: ill-fitting panels and wobbly paint. Pictures of Tetsu’s car show quite the opposite is true when using EB Motorsport parts. We put a lot of time and effort into our panels, including fitting all finished products on a real classic 911 which sits alongside our moulds.

EB customers tell us they like the crisp lines of our products. Tetsu has modified our 911R front wings to fit standard side light units, but the panels used on the rest of the car required very little adjustment, even after shipping all the way to Japan!

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