Lightweight Porsche 911R SWB Build continues

The work on our ultra lightweight SWB 911R project continues. We’ve brought in a specialist fabricator to piece the lacework chassis of the base car back together, with seam welded replacement panels and custom made parts where replacements are not available.

The base car is a 1968 2-litre Porsche 911 bought in very poor condition, especially through the floors and seat wells, but used as the basic mould for our lightweight composite roof amongst some other 911R parts.

The EB Motorsport Porsche 911R range has been well received by many Porsche enthusiasts both for road cars and also for racing. We’ve shipped parts all around the world: kits comprising our lightweight bonnet, front and rear bumpers, composite engine cover and external hinges.

Some builders have also taken our lightweight roof panel, rear quarter panels and full 911R doors, along with the aluminium hinges we have fabricated in house and the great 911R rear light reproductions.

Our own 911R will feature all of these parts. We’re hoping to come somewhere close to 850 kilograms for a complete car using lightweight glazing: this should make for quite an exciting car to drive! We expect to fit the composite rear quarter panels later this week.

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