Lightweight Roof Panel/Replacement Skin available

We’ve just created our first replacement roof panel, moulded from a brand new tool manufactured off the non-sunroof roof panel on our 911 parts car.

Suitable for all 911s up to 993, we’re really pleased with the final product. The panel fit and quality of exterior finish is excellent, as you would expect from EB Motorsport.

This roof skin is super lightweight versus a standard Porsche roof. We’ve looked at making them in carbon fibre, but the weight saving to additional material cost is minimal so decided not to offer a carbon option.

The EB Motorsport replacement Porsche 911 roof skin is suitable for fully caged racing or rally cars. We advise a bonded fit on this panel.

If you’re converting a sunroof car, this will be a revelation: huge weight off the very top of the car will drop your centre of gravity way down. Those running to minimum weights will be able to move ballast around the floor of the car, to optimise balance and corner weights.

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