More 7R Fuchs wheels shipping from EB Motorsport

This batch of EB Motorsport reproduction 7R (7×15″) Fuchs wheels for Porsche 911 has just gone out to customers. The wheels were delivered with our polished petal shiny finish, for a 911R reproduction using all EB Motorsport body panels.

The 7R wheel has come to be a legend in the classic Porsche world. As the correct wheel for the 911R in particular, the face has much the same external appearance as the Deep 6 Fuchs wheel, but an extra inch of width is added to the back of the rim.

EB Motorsport creates glorious reproductions of both Deep 6 and 7R 15″ Fuchs wheels, manufactured to the highest standards of strength and durability.

The wheel centre and front face are machined from a single aluminium billet, with the forged rear barrel CNC-welded to the front section. The polished final finish is perfect, as is the curve of the spoke and rim edge, and their visual relationship to each other: the classic ‘Deep Look’.

EB Motorsport Deep 6 and 7R Fuchs wheels feature one change from the original wheels: an inner rim tyre safety bead, not found on period parts. EB’s reproductions include the correct ‘heart’ detail around the valve stems, seldom present on lesser versions of these wheels.

As with anything to do with parts for classic Porsche, you get what you pay for. EB wheels are the very best quality available, as we only supply the best parts that can be manufactured. Cheaper cast wheels are much heavier, and raise too many questions on strength and quality/porosity to satisfy real enthusiasts. Trust EB to put the ultimate period-correct finishing touches to your classic Porsche build.

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