More Porsche 911 Backdate Details

The Ferdinand Porsche Magazine blog has just featured a Porsche 911 SC backdated using EB Motorsport parts.

Bought as an SC Targa to Cabriolet conversion, the project centred around taking weight off the chassis and rebuilding the engine using headers for better breathing and increased power. With a sharper chassis and better power to weight, the driving qualities would be vastly improved.

The owner’s figures show that over 130 kilograms were taken off the car in backdating: similar weight to two people not in the car. With so much weight coming off the extreme corners, the dynamics were transformed. Videos from the car show a very entertaining machine, built for a superb price.

EB products used on the car include our longhood bonnet converted for shorthood front panel, EB bumpers front and rear and our all new infill lights to replicate the early sidelights and horn grilles while keeping the impact bumper front wings. Fit and finish is good and the car has an aggressive hot rod look.

Considering a backdate on your Porsche 911? Call or email EB Motorsport to discuss your plans.

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