Nurburgring Porsche Raindance

The Nurburgring was renamed the Nurburg-rain last weekend as EB Motorsport took on the 2014 Oldtimer GP.

EB Motorsport had three cars on track: our 1965 911 (or 65er as they say on the continent), our 1974 3.0 RS and the 1973 Light Yellow 911 RSR.

The rain poured down all weekend, making things tricky for Mark and James. Nevertheless it was great to set pole versus many local experts in the Nurburgring Trophy race.

“This is a scary place in the wet,” said Mark. “Wiper failure in qualifying didn’t help, neither did coming up on cars running with no lights on in almost zero visibility.”

In the race, a red flag was shown while we were leading. James took over from Mark on the restart, but the restarted race was also red-flagged on the first lap, so James’ first lap didn’t register. This lost us a lap and knocked us off the podium. A disappointing race result but the challenge was fantastic.

Picture by Jochen at Frozenspeed.

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