Porsche 911 Amber Engine Shroud and Tinware

Tetsu Ikuzawa, legendary Japanese works Porsche racing driver and EB Motorport’s man in Japan has just sent this photo of a 911 engine in build using a long list of Porsche parts manufactured here in Yorkshire by EB Motorsport.

Tetsu might be on the other side of the world, but that is no obstacle for a true-blue Porsche fan who wants only the best parts for his projects. As our official importer for Japan and beyond, Tetsu uses all EB parts on his period Porsche racing car builds.

This 2.2-litre engine features the EB Motorsport Porsche engine brace, which was designed and finite element analysed using our CAD software, which projects where structures bend or twist, and indicates the distribution of stresses and displacements.

Tetsu has also fitted our full Porsche 911 amber engine shroud and tinware kit: all pieces in that beautiful light honey amber colour, moulded in a two-piece tool for optimium lightness and strength.

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