Airbox for Slide Injection


Porsche 911 Airbox for Slide Injection


Porsche 911 Airbox for Slide injection

We have spent a considerable amount of time developing this unique airbox to look period correct, taking styling cues from the early factory airboxes through to the latter SCRS competition airbox.  It offers performance advantages and enhanced protection over alternatives such as filtration socks.

Manufactured from lightweight composite, featuring dual air intakes with a central high-performance filter which can be easily removed. Air is drawn from the open face at the front, but there is a second intake at the back, which allows for another input for air from an external NACA duct or similar.

**Our, and independent dyno tests, typically show a significant improvement in mid-range power!**

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 66 × 47 × 20 cm

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Porsche 911 Airbox
Airbox for Slide Injection
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