Pressure Relief Valve


Porsche 911 Pressure Relief Valve


Porsche 911 Pressure Relief Valve

This is EB Motorsport’s authentic reproduction of the Porsche 911 RSR pressure relief valve (PRV).

Cast from an original PRV before machining to accept bespoke internals also modeled on the original part, the EB Motorsport PRV works in conjunction with EB’s high-capacity oil tank, to bring historic RSR oil systems back to period specification.

Pressure Relief Valve Explained

Cold engine oil is thick, which generates very high oil pressure. As RSR oil coolers may only withstand a pressure of 100-115 psi, excess pressure places stress on the oil system that can lead to costly failure. A PRV is used to relieve excess oil pressure, protecting oil system integrity and engine lubrication.

The original tank-mounted oil pressure relief valve to control this pressure has been unobtainable for many years. EB Motorsport’s new product now guarantees the safety and authenticity of RSR oil systems. Manufactured to exacting specifications in the UK, everything about this EB part is authentic: even down to the original casting imperfections! Once the new shine has dulled, it perfectly replicates the appearance and effectiveness of the original parts.

EB Motorsport’s 911 RSR pressure relief valve is also suitable for use on 914-6 GT models.

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Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 cm

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Porsche 911 Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
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