RSR Endurance Brake Calipers


Porsche 911 RSR Endurance Brake Calipers


Porsche 911 RSR Endurance Brake Calipers

A reproduction of the factory endurance calipers, as used on 917, 74 RSR, RSR Turbo, 934, 935, and 936.

We engineered these brake calipers using 3D scan data, taken from an original works car.

Every detail from the original has been replicated, but with added advantages: we CNC machined the calipers from aerospace-grade aluminium, a distinct advantage over the original cast option. We use a post-process to replicate the cast finish, and finally, hard anodise both the caliper body and the pistons.

All fasteners and brake like fittings are precision machined from grade 5 TI, we chose TI over mild steel as we originally set out to manufacture the Endurance Brake Calipers for our RSR Turbo replica build, the original RSR Turbo featured titanium fasteners throughout the car.

Every caliper goes through a thorough inspection and a static pressure test to a min 172 bar (2500psi).

To date, the calipers have been supplied for numerous restoration projects, some of which campaign regularly in historic racing such as the CER.

Note: these calipers were designed for fitment with centre lock wheels only.

The price is for 2 Calipers.

2.875kg Each

Additional information

Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 68 × 34 × 25 cm



Porsche RSR Endurance Calipers
RSR Endurance Brake Calipers
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