The Ultimate Test for EB Motorsport Porsche Panels

The vast majority of Porsche 911s in this years Safari Classic Rally are running EB Motorsport parts. The Yorkshire-based manufacturer is quite happy to send its products off to Africa for the ultimate test of endurance in full public scrutiny.

“We believe in building parts to the ultimate specification,” says EB’s Mark Bates. “Just because our Porsche panels are light in weight, does not make them lightweight in endurance.

“We test all of our parts for fit on our own cars, so we know they fit perfectly. After that, our experience of making strong, reliable parts and panels for race and rally cars make them tough enough for anything that road use can throw at them.”

EB Motorsport makes a range of classic Porsche parts including body panels – bonnets, bumpers and engine covers/ducktails – as well as supplying a wide range of period RS and RSR parts including wide forged Fuchs alloy wheels to the absolutely highest standards available anywhere.

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