Updated Fuchs Wheels Details

We’ve just updated the product details on our RSR Fuchs-style wheels. These are a high-quality reproduction of the very rare 9″ and 11″ x 15″ Fuchs wheel as used on factory race cars including 1973 RSR, 1974 RS and RSR’s.

We use a solid block of billet aluminium as a base for CNC machining of the front section, with the correct radii on the rims and spoke edges. Then a forged aluminium rear barrel is CNC welded to the front, to provide an exceptionally strong, light and authentic-looking wheel in the perfect widths and offsets for an RSR.

Our price for this product is noticeably cheaper than the Porsche examples and we believe our wheels are better quality.

Standard finish is polished and anodised rim with black centre, however wheels can be manufactured with alternative finishes including the silver-spoked “RSR” finish.

Why use expensive old Fuchs wheels that could be unsafe, or cheap replicas on a car costing £150,000 to build? Skimping on wheels puts a budget look on the whole package, adds weight where you don’t want it and softer wheels will break eventually. Buying less is false economy.

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