7R Fuchs shipped to Japan

We’ve just sent this pair of EB 7R Fuchs to a new client in Japan. We also supplied and fitted the tyres, although they will be packaged with air removed for shipping!

EB Motorsport’s deep 7R Fuchs are great looking wheels. Fitted only to the original 911R prototypes, the wheels were also available over the counter from Porsche. 7Rs solve the problem of limited tyre width on the rear of a narrow-body 911. These cars can only run a maximum 6″-wide original Fuchs from stock, which means maximum tyre width is a 205. Deeper 7R wheels add an inch to the inboard edge, which then makes it possible to run a 225 tyre, which adds a lot of mechanical grip to the rear of an early 911.

Our Deep 6 and 7R Fuchs are made to the same high standards as all of our products. The front face is CNC machined from billet aluminium before the strong forged rear barrels are laser welded into position. They can be finished however the customer prefers.

EB 7R Fuchs are not cheap, but cheap is not always the best way of doing things, especially when the car they are going on is worth a small fortune! Early 911 design is simple but crisp: there is no point skimping on important details such as wheels.

No doubt a few people will ask why they are balanced on the outside: this is how it was done at the factory and how we still do it for racing.

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