Carrera RSR Turbo


Le Mans legend

Unveiled a mere decade subsequent to the groundbreaking debut of the 911, the Carrera RSR Turbo emerges as a paramount figure in the realm of high-performance automotive history. Carrying forth its legacy for nearly six decades and showcasing a model lineage that encompasses numerous motoring icons, the 1974 Carrera RSR Turbo stands unparalleled as the quintessential representation of the 911’s enduring legacy.

Woven into the fabric of this iconic model is Porsche engineers’ profound mastery, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge race-car design with revolutionary turbocharging technology. The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary – a road-bound marvel meticulously engineered to outshine even the most advanced prototypes of its era, solidifying the Carrera RSR Turbo’s undeniable reputation as a formidable giant-killer in the realm of automotive excellence.

Carrera 911 RSR Turbo

Our finest recreation to date

Carrera 911 RSR Turbo

This painstakingly accurate reproduction of the iconic Carrera RSR Turbo has been engineered and manufactured to an exceptional level of detail which required thousands of hours of meticulous research and a dedicated team.

This tribute to the golden age of Porsche motorsport represents a crowning achievement made possible through our unrivaled in-house capabilities. Drawing on expertise in design engineering, advanced machine shop, pattern making, composite production, fabrication, graphic design, paint, and assembly, we have meticulously crafted the EB Carrera RSR Turbo—a homage that encapsulates the essence of Porsche’s iconic motorsport era.

Every intricate detail of this masterpiece, including rare components like the legendary flat fan, endurance brake calipers, titanium hubs, drive shafts, and each titanium fixing, has undergone a thorough process of reverse-engineering and re-manufacturing. The result is an authentic replication of the original, ensuring that every detail reflects the soul of the golden age of Porsche motorsport.

For passionate enthusiasts seeking to own a piece of this legacy, a limited number of EB Carrera RSR Turbo recreations are available for order. These meticulously crafted recreations come fully equipped and ready-to-race, offering a unique opportunity to experience the unparalleled legacy of the EB Carrera RSR Turbo in the realm of high-performance porsche history.

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