Lightweight Bumpers and Ducktail on 911 Racer

Some more pictures through from Duncan, who is building this road-legal Porsche 911 SC race car using EB Motorsport SC RS bumpers and ducktail.

“I am running out of time to get finished,” says Duncan. “I haven’t touched the doors yet, but I’ve put over 100 hours into it in the last couple of weeks. While it doesn’t come close to the finish of the EB Motorsport works Porsche race cars, it owes me mostly time rather than a big parts bill.

“I could use some more horsepower and am still undecided on tyre sizes: thoughts welcome!”

Our thoughts are that this looks pretty good and no doubt it’s lighter than a standard car. Taking weight off with the ducktail and front and rear SC RS-style bumpers for standard body 911s will help the car turn, and for sure make it faster thanks to less bulk to drag around.

Also interesting to note Duncan has left the ducktail unpainted. We often tell people that our parts are well finished enough to run without paint, but Duncan’s the first man brave enough to do it. Kudos!

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