First race for our Porsche 911 3.0 RS this weekend

It’s the first race for our Porsche 911 3.0 RS this weekend, at Donington Masters Historic Festival.

We’ve already clinched the 2012 World Sportscar Masters series for back-to-back FIA-sanctioned titles, so the pressure is off, giving us time to run the RS up at a sensible pace. No point binning it first time out.

This build has been a labour of love. Everything from the first strip of the chassis, through planning the details, gathering the parts required and making the parts we either couldn’t buy at all, or just to a standard we believed was acceptable in a proper FIA-homologated Porsche. Carrying out the final jobs here in Yorkshire after Tuthill Porsche had served up an impeccable build was a great experience.

We can’t deny our delight: the finished product looks terrific. Guards Red is a rare colour in widebody 911s built to go racing, so this should turn heads from the start. It is definitely causing a commotion on the EB Motorsport Facebook page!

We’re at an industry exhibition in Warwickshire all this week, while the car has gone back to Tuthills to have the fuelling tweaked. The first real test will be when we push it off the trailer at Donington and see how it runs in anger. Can’t wait!

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