Porsche 911 Backdate Parts from EB Motorsport

We’ve been non-stop busy lately, with orders jetting all over Europe and Asia. One popular item has been our lesser-known backdate kit for Porsche 911 SC and Carrera.

Backdating is making a post-1973 911 look like an earlier model. The Porsche 911 SC Coupe seen here is a good example. Painted in Gulf Blue, it has a look that is possible to achieve using parts readily available from the EB Motorsport catalogue.

Front to back, we can supply a 2.7 RS bumper with cooler grille or blanking plate, and the long-hood early 911 bonnet with a frame suitable for short-hood bonnet latch panels. We also now make early-style front sidelight & indicator units to fill the gap between late front wings and the early bumpers.

We supply lightweight doors, although normal doors work perfectly well. The Carrera RS ducktail is in our catalogue, as is the RS rear bumper. These parts go straight on a shorthood car, though the bumpers do need some bumper mount cleverness.

Options include lightweight glazing to save even more weight than the composite panels alone. A backdated car weighs quite a bit less than the standard SC – expect to top the scales circa 1000 kilograms.

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