EB Porsche bonnets in race-inspired art work

EB Motorsport supplies its lightweight Porsche body panels made in Yorkshire to customers all over the world, but not all of our customers put these panels on classic 911s. Belgium’s Jean Denis Claessens and his partner, Edmond Thonnard, create interesting artworks using our composite bonnets as an emotive canvas.

Jean-Denis began his career as a graphic designer and moved into advertising in the early 1990s, later developing into film and documentary making.

One of the pioneers of Belgian street art, Edmond Thonnard has been a video decorator, an exhibition scenographer, a designer and a rock singer. His work has been seen in the Liege House of Science and the European Space Centre.

The duo create race-inspired artworks on composite and metal Porsche panels. Each work is an individually hand-made piece created without vinyl that gives it a one-off look.

Every bonnet, every door is unique, freely inspired from the decorations of legendary race cars and signed by the artist. The painting is made using the techniques of graffiti art, with the patina added using slag from the race, including oil, tyre rubber and other secret ingredients.

Two art-on-bonnet products are available. Composite bonnets weigh 5 kilograms and are a reproduction to honour the lightness of the great cult race car: the Porsche 935.

Steel bonnets weigh 15 kilograms and are real bonnet from a used and iconic Porsche 911. Each work features a riveted panel on the back to prove the authenticity and signed by the artist.

“We import EB panels from England to Belgium as they are the best quality and my clients want a real 911 bonnet; not an ersatz for decoration,” says Jean-Denis. We are delighted to see our parts used in such a unique way. Learn more about these artworks at aftertherace.be.

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