Porsche 915 Transmission Machining and Upgrades

We’ve been using our Haas Automation three- and five-axis CNC machines to great effect all year, carrying out modifications to the Porsche 915 transmissions for racing and upgraded road car use.

EB’s Porsche 915 external transmission oil cooler conversions are a popular modification. Originally fitted to RS and RSR 911s, the EB external oil pump housing is a perfect reproduction of the original part. The oil pump can be fitted to modified 915 cases to serve an external gearbox oil cooler for better heat dissipation and increased reliability.

Our photos below include a recent batch of 915 transmission oil cooler conversions ready to ship: three are for 1973 911 RS Carrera RS restorations and the fourth for a circuit-prepared RSR. EB can also carry out speedo drive repairs to the 915 gearbox: a common problem on transmissions fitted with magnesium cases.

915 Speedometer Drive Repairs

Problems with 915 speedometer drives usually start when moisture causes corrosion at the base of the speedo drive recess. The corrosion expands the metal and pushes it into the magnet ring on the differential, wearing the metal away.

The common solution is to build the area up with weld and machine it back to fit, but that leaves the area open to failing again. Our speedo drive repair process is more complex, involving some additional fabrication and machining. The EB method delivers a much more durable repair that will last well into the future.

The Porsche 915 transmission is a favourite of ours and all of our transmissions run our in-house modifications. Drop us a line to discuss our machining services for all Porsche models.

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