EB bespoke motorsport engineering with CAD software and CNC machining

EB Motorsport production lines have been flat out all year, manufacturing parts for classic Porsche 911 models as shown in our online shop. We are also kept very busy working on numerous complex projects for other motorsport teams. Our subcontract work has included the remanufacture of original parts for vintage racing cars that have been unavailable for several decades, such as the BMW M1 suspension uprights seen in these photos.

Historic racing is a challenging balance of meticulous preparation to achieve maximum performance and reliability on track. Though the ideal situation would be to race a car featuring all new parts made from the strongest modern materials, this is not economically viable. It is also the case that complicated original parts which were originally constructed by casting in bespoke moulds are no longer available and the original moulds have long since been lost.

EB Motorsport’s solution is to remanufacture these NLA parts from the best materials available, using methods which were not available at the time, including our CAD software technology and Haas computer-controlled milling machines. We’ve invested several hundred thousand pounds in our machining capability and the finished products that our equipment and skilled operators are capable of turning out are genuinely incredible.

Recreating Vintage Motorsport Parts

To recreate rare motorsport parts, the original pieces are first scanned in 3D and our software then creates a virtual model of the part which is loaded into our CAD package. This CAD model then flows through to computer-aided machining (CAM) software package, which plans the various operations that the milling machines will need to go through, what tools they will require and whether the milling heads can get into the furthest corners of the tight spaces that the machining creates.

One part may need several iterations of development, each involving days of machining from solid blocks of material such as billet aluminium or even titanium until the ideal shape is created. The machined part is then hand-finished to replicate the original appearance, before being sent off for anodising, plating or powder coating to protect as required.

Our workshops create all sorts of parts for all sorts of cars; not just Porsches. Seen here are single-piece rear uprights for a famous 1970s supercar – the BMW M1 – but we have worked on everything from parts for a coach-built 1930s Mercedes Cabriolet to a touring car last raced in the late 1990s. Our bespoke development department is now so busy that we are looking into the purchase of a third CNC machine, increasing our capacity and supporting British manufacturing.

Contact EB to discuss your bespoke manufacturing needs. We can assist with all sorts of manufacturing, including CNC machining, fast prototyping, injection moulding and many more.

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