Rare Porsche oil line fittings now available – LIMITED SUPPLY

We have just finished manufacturing several complete sets of the original oil line fittings as used on all the old-school Porsche competition cars.

Using a genuine set of oil line fittings from back in the day to ensure dimensional accuracy and finish, all aluminium parts were machined from 7075 aluminium/zinc alloy before being hard anodised to replicate the sulphur yellow finish as used in period.

The 90 degree elbows feature brazed fittings with the correct zinc finish. The smaller fittings used on the gearbox oil cooler have a yellow zinc hose tail and use a bright zinc nut as per originals.

These parts are very rare and almost impossible to source. We were commissioned to make a number of sets for original cars in restoration and have added a VERY LIMITED QUANTITY of additional sets whilst set up to make these parts. There was a considerable amount of work involved in making these oil line fittings, so given the limited market, we will definitely not be reproducing more of these parts anytime soon.

A complete set of oil line connections for a Porsche 911 RSR as seen in the image includes:

7 off M30 x 1.5 Straight Couplings
5 off M30 x 1.5 90 deg Couplings
1 off M26 x 1.5 Straight Coupling
1 off M26 x 1.5 90 deg Coupling
4 off M18 x 1.5 Straight Couplings

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